Fellers Acquires DigiCut

TULSA, OK (February 17, 2022) – Fellers, along with Interwest, announced today that it has acquired DigiCut, LLC (“DigiCut”), a leading provider of film cutting software and templates for the automotive industry.

DigiCut, a Tulsa-based company, provides software used to cut paint protection and window film to be installed on vehicles. Founded in 1998, DigiCut’s leading software is supplemented by its extensive library of unique vehicle part designs developed over many years.

Judd Reynolds, Owner and CEO of DigiCut, said, “DigiCut has developed great software and an extensive template library that allows our customers to optimize how they install paint protection and window film. Fellers and Interwest have a tremendous footprint of customers that could benefit from our software.”

Tom Brophy, CEO of Fellers, commented, “DigiCut’s industry leading software will provide our automotive film customers the opportunity to run their operations more efficiently. Additionally, the software will open more opportunities to strengthen our partnerships with our own vendors. We look forward to the road ahead and supporting the DigiCut team with the resources needed to achieve our mutual goals.”

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About DigiCut

DigiCut is a leading provider of software and templates to the automotive industry. DigiCut helps hundreds of automotive dealerships manage and install automotive films, limiting wasted material. For more information, please visit www.digicut.com.

About Fellers

Fellers is a leading national distributor of vinyl wrap films and supplies serving sign shops, auto re-stylers, and other specialty shops. Fellers serves thousands of customers across the United States at industry leading speed through its strategic relationships with key industry vendors and extensive inventory of top brands. For more information, please visit www.fellers.com.

About Interwest Distribution Company

Interwest is a leading distributor for 3M-branded films, providing automotive and building films throughout the Western United States. For more information about Interwest, please visit www.interwestdc.com.